Ratana Union Company Limited was established in 1992 by a group of civil engineers of the same alumni. Within the next 12 years after the graduation, each of the founders had accumulated knowledge and working experience from various business organizations, both in private and government sector, which had laid a solid foundation in the establishment of Ratana Union Company Limited. During the expanding era of construction works in Thailand in 1990s, the group realized problems of piling impacts on the surrounding buildings and related pile transportation issues.

Understanding such piling problems and equipping with know-how and experience, Ratana Union Co.Ltd (abbv. “RUN”) was able to provide “Tripod Dry process” bored piling services to construction works.

Ratana Union has a definite company policy on its construction quality to follow technical principles and codes. One of the most misguided common in dry process bored pile is the depth of the bored piles is commonly designed to 21.00 meters in Bangkok without prior soil sampling. Therefore, Ratana Union can provide an engineering analysis and offer a proper advise to clients if piling can be achieved at the desired depth in a given areas.

Besides, Ratana Union pays close attention on weight bearing property of bored piles if it actually complies with the construction design. If not, Ratana Union will advise the clients and propose appropriate corrections.

Our bored piles are applicable for a single floor building or up to 7-8 floor building depending on the requirement of the construction designer.


After 10 years of extensive bored piling works, the Company entered the decades of great expansion of telecommunications era in Thailand by becoming a contractor for mobile telecommunication tower construction, first with TA-ORANGE (True Move at present). After 5-6 years with TA-ORANGE, the Company has again expanded its market with the rest of mobile operators in Thailand, AIS and DTAC until now.


The Company began working on construction of the internet network for the Ministry of Education under Information Network System for Education Development Projects, Uninet and NEDmet, totally 5,000 km of networking.

Later on, the Company has expanded to carry out the construction and installation of Fttx networks of True and AIS up to present.


The Company has diversified to be able to accept more projects by establishing the new subsidiary company, “Ratana Union Bored Piles Co. Ltd. (RBP)”. The new company specializes in Auger Drill Wet Process to support the construction of 20-30 story high building and other infrastructure, such as twin railways, motorways, high-speed railways, plants and power plants, etc.